Yuki Matsukura  (松倉まつくら  友樹ゆうき)
Keio University Faculty of environmental information.
Hide Tokuda Lab.
Interests:Location Information
Global Positioning System (GPS)
Behavior Modeling


u-Texture: A Self-Organizable Material with Multiple Sensors [ PDF ]
Yuki Matsukura, Naohiko Kohtake, Jin Nakazawa, Kazunori Takashio, Hideyuki Tokuda
Position paper of Ubicomp 2004 on Playing with Sensors workshop.
MUGI:Design and Implementation of Activity Models for Proposal Navigation Services using Location Information and Places' Attributes [ PDF ]
Yuki Matsukura
Bachelor's thesis 2005, Keio University Faculty of environmental information.
Activity Model using Location and Places' Attributes for Navigation Services [PDF ]
Yuki Matsukura, Naohiko Kohtake, Kazunori Takashio, Hideyuki Tokuda
IWSAWC 2005, Held in conjunction with the IEEE International Conference on Distributed Computing Systems (ICDCS)
Platform for Realizing Social Gaming -How to Develop Attractive Games for 1 Billion Users- [URL]
Yuki Matsukura, Hideki Tanaka, Masaki Fujimoto
Technical Committee on Natural Language Understanding and Models of Communication (NLC) 2012


Basics and Development using PHP5 [Zip]
This presentation is for PHP beginner. By hearing this presentation, you can know basics of PHP, new functions of PHP5 and treands in development field.
Survey of "Privacy-Aware Location Sensor Networks"
This research shows how to protect sensor nodes' privacy in sensor networks.
Survey of "Social Disclosure of Place: From Location Technology to Communication Practices" [ PPT]
PlaceLab works middleware of multiple location devices such as GPS, GSM and 802.11. Application programmer can obtain users' location wherever indoor or outdoor.
GREE's strategy exporting Japanese social game to the world wide.
Made a presentation on CEDEC(Computer science Entertainment Developers Conference) 2012.

Term Projects

Area Based Matcing system - 2002/Spring
This system enables users to find someone who can offer users' needs. As a scinario, when a user is alone in university, the user wants to have lunch. the user use this system and find a person who wants to have lunch near the user.
DoCoDeMo pingpong! - 2002/Autumn
This system enables users to receive home's interphone on PC. Even users are in university, they can receive and respond to visitors.
Middleware for Public Services - 2003/Spring
I constructed a middleware to save working snapshot. A user can continue works even in moved another location.
Object LOcating System - 2003/Autumn
This system manages objects attached RFID by managin RFID readers' location. So applications can navigate users to the wanted objects, and manage object by shopkeeper. These days, many products are published related in this research.


I'm writing my daily life and interests about bikes, aquarium and traveling.
Publishing for Creative Commons on my server.

Work history

  • COM Corp [ System management department] (URL) 2001/4 - 2001/8
  • CNS guide 2002 [ Editor ] (URL) 2001/9 - 2002/4
  • SFC-connect proj.
  • V-cube internet Inc. (URL)
  • SFC Data Science Lab [ Sub-administrator ] (URL) 2002/4 - 2003/3
  • Clair Inc. [ System developer] (URL) 2002/4 - 2002/9
  • CNS guide 2003 [ Duputy editor ] (URL) 2002/4 - 2003/4
  • Marue Corp., [ Consultant, System Management] (URL) 2002/4 - 2005/9
  • digit Corp., [ Instructor of Network Administration ] (URL) 2002/5 - 2002/8
  • Marvins Corp., [ Programmer ] (URL) 2002/9
  • CNS guide 2004 [ Chief editor ] (URL) 2003/4 - 2004/3
  • SFC Data Science Lab [ Administrator ] (URL) 2003/4 - 2005/4
  • Bulthaup [ Consulting, Network Administration ] (URL) 2005/2 - 2005/9
  • CAL BOOK Accounting Systems [ Web design, Web Application] (URL) 2005/9 - 2006/3
  • Zipangoods [ Web Application, Consulting ] (URL) (URL) 2005/10 - 2006/3
  • E-commerce ASP Company [ System Architect ] 2006/4 - 2009/3
  • Coach United [ Chief Engineer ] (URL) 2009/4 - 2011/1
  • GREE, Inc. [ Senior Engineer / Manager ] (URL) 2011/2 -

Skill and certificates

  • System Administration: Linux, UNIX, Windows Server
  • Programming Language: Perl PHP SH (B) Java MQL4 LaTeX Ruby Prolog HTML CSS Javascript
  • Applications: MySQL PostgreSQL MS-Office
  • LPIC (Linux Professional Institute Certification) Level 1, Level 2 (2005/5) INACTIVE
  • Gold holder ofKeytouch 2000
  • Amateur Third-Class Radio Operator
  • 3rd grade of Abacus
  • 3rd grade of Mental Computation
  • AP (Applied Information Technology Engineer Examination)